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Christopher Tsai

President and Chief Investment Officer

Christopher Tsai

Christopher Tsai is President and Chief Investment Officer of Tsai Capital, an investment management firm focused on the long-term growth and preservation of capital on behalf of select families and organizations. With more than two decades of experience, and as a third-generation investor whose financial roots date back to World War II, Mr. Tsai leads the firm’s investment activities and is Chairperson of the firm’s advisory committee.

Mr. Tsai pursues a value-oriented investment approach and seeks high-quality, growth companies that offer significant upside potential and a margin of safety at the time of purchase. Mr. Tsai utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to identify companies that he believes have a sustainable competitive advantage and can compound earnings at an above-average rate over the long-term. Companies in his portfolio tend to have strong balance sheets, a history of producing high rates of return on capital, and a culture of innovation.

Mr. Tsai’s investment approach has been most influenced by Warren Buffett, Philip Fisher and Charlie Munger, as well as by his grandmother and father, the late investor and philanthropist Gerald Tsai Jr. who was the first Chinese-American to lead a Dow Jones Industrial company.

Mr. Tsai’s financial roots date back to World War II, as his grandmother, Ruth Tsai, was the first woman to trade shares on the floor of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Mr. Tsai has been profiled in numerous financial publications including Barron’s, Forbes, and Investment Advisor Magazine. He has been interviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek, Fox Business Network, and Yahoo Finance Live, among others, and is a frequent speaker at investment conferences around the world.

Mr. Tsai has written for Wealth Management Magazine about investing in durable, long-term trends, and for Investment & Pensions Europe about investing in art as an alternative asset class. He is also the author of “Back Door to China”, which was published in Worth Magazine.

Prior to forming Tsai Capital, Mr. Tsai was an equity analyst at Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc., John A. Levin & Co., Inc., and Gabelli Asset Management.

Mr. Tsai has been a benefactor of numerous museums and cultural institutions, both nationally and internationally, and is the world’s foremost collector of works by contemporary artist Ai Weiwei.

When not looking at businesses, he loves running in nature, quiet time with his books and family, submersing himself in the arts and a perfectly steeped pot of tea.

Mr. Tsai is a member of the CFA Society New York and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and international politics from Middlebury College, where he served on the Middlebury College Arts Council.